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Welcome to You Rejuvenated

Please come and experience skin rejuvenation at its very best- where all medical and aesthetic treatments are provided by our physicians and registered nurses.


You will be guided by our Cosmetic RN, Skin Rejuvenation Specialist in selecting the most effective skin rejuvenation program for your skin type.


To enhance clinical results, we will customize a home care regimen to meet the specific needs of your skin following your treatment.

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Most Popular Treatments

Injectable Platelet - Rich Fibrin Matrix
PDO Thread Lift
Collagen Induction Therapy

Liliya Shikh is Registered Nurse with over forty years of experience. Educated in both, the former Soviet Union, and the US, she has been a practicing RN in the United States since 1979. Liliya has an extensive background in many fields of nursing, with a special emphasis on surgical procedures.

Liliya includes in her Skin Enhancement Program FDA approved PDO ThreadLift, treatment resulting in an instant firmer and natural looking skin, medical Micro-needling, Collagen Induction Therapy, stimulating skin to release growth factors, and production of new collagen and elastin and Kybella injections, treatment that destroys fat cells under the chin for improvement of the appearance of the jaw line and the profile.

About Liliya Shikh, RN

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We are proud to incorporate Environ® skin care products into our clients' daily skin care regimens and our professional treatments.

Our Products

You Were Born Beautiful Let Us Help You Keep It.png

Your face is the first place people look at when identifying you…why not give them the beauty of art to look at in your face? That’s the kind of work Lyllia implements when working with your face: art.


Lylia harvests and highlights your face’s natural beauty with the eye of an artist. Lylia’s work will make you feel rejuvenated and beautiful inside and out.

Josephine H.

I was nervous because it was my first time getting Botox I was not sure if it was going to hurt.


Liliya saw how nervous I was and explained the process step by step. She made me feel so comfortable! And when the needles started I didn’t feel anything. It was completely painless! I am so happy with my service and my outcome.

Tirlena L.

Liliya performed a miracle on my skin! From blotchy, tired aging skin to glowing skin. She is very knowledgeable and her goal is to provide an excellent service. I


I’m seeing her on a monthly bases for over 5 years and I surely hope she never retires!

Eva C.

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