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Please come and experience skin rejuvenation at its very best- where all medical and aesthetic treatments are provided by our physicians and registered nurses. You will be guided by our Cosmetic RN, Skin Rejuvenation Specialist in selecting the most effective skin rejuvenation program for your skin type. To enhance clinical results, we will customize a home care regimen to meet the specific needs of your skin following your treatment.

Treat yourself, your friends or family. You Rejuvenated gift certificates are available!

Please call us today to schedule an appointment for consultation to set up your personalized skin care rejuvenation program!

Consultations are $100.00 (applicable to any of your treatments.)

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“We believe that looking gorgeous is feeling gorgeous; and so… we have tried different processes with different clinicians and always felt something was missing. When our internist recommended Liliya Shikh, RN at “You… Rejuvenated” (part of a medical office), we knew this was ‘home’.

Helene G. and Pam R.
I found lily through a client of mine. I watched her dull, spotted and adult acne prone skin transform to a healthy, clear and flawless complexion. I figured if she could help her skin- maybe there was hope for my scarred ( from years of picking), dull (from aging), blotchy/pigmented terribly from sun exposure and hormone changes , and just dull skin. I’d tried everything from expensive products( like la praire, le metals sissy), peels, lazers, injections, silicone, and the ‘best’ Skin Care Specialist and plastic surgeons in NYC. Nothing had worked.

Nina W.
Lilli has been my skin care person for many years now. She has done photo facials,dermabrasions, botox, juvederm and restilin on me. I cannto rave about her work. It is miraculous.Rarely do I have a mark or rash from her work. She is very professional and would never go anywhere else. Her nursing background is certainly a plus to her skin care profession.

Candy S.
Liliya Shikh, RN at “You Rejuvenated” has provided me with expert skin care for the last few years. I get compliments on my skin all the time and I’ve never looked better. I highly recommend her services.

Michael C.


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